Acoustic Wall Panels and Upholstered Walls

Acoustic Wall Panels

The way you feel about your environment depends on more than mere visual appeal. Your ability to manage sound also has an undeniable impact on your daily life experiences. No matter whether you’re building a nursery, a private movie theater or an escape from your urban surroundings, Shazcor Acoustic Wall Panels and Upholstered Walls make it easy to find an effective solution.


What Is Sound Management?

Without getting too immersed in the physics, the sounds that distract you when you’re trying to relax or concentrate are essentially vibrating air. You probably know that different kinds of vibrations create different sounds as they reverberate, or echo, through your rooms, but you may not be aware that different kinds of wall coverings can reduce the noisy results. Shazcor sound management is all about choosing the correct surfaces for your rooms and noise goals.


How Do Shazcor Coverings Work?

Upholstered Walls

Sound waves transfer energy to whatever they hit as they travel. If they strike hard surfaces, like walls, a lot of this energy bounces back and creates more noisy vibrations. Soft surfaces, like our acoustic wall panels and upholstered coverings, absorb more of the energy so that the sound dies out as quietly as possible.


Should I Choose Acoustic Panels or Upholstered Walls?

Each building is different, so expert assessments are essential. For instance, mounting sound-dampening acoustic wall panels could be the quickest way to quiet down an echoey ceiling. In a playroom that requires soft padding or a space with curved walls, a flexible FabricMate option might be best. It all depends on the circumstances, but we can make your selection process far easier.


The Importance of Experience

Sound management coverings must be installed properly so that they themselves don’t vibrate. They need to complement the shapes of your rooms to reduce reflections in the most echo-prone trouble spots. It’s also vital to choose materials that don’t degrade so that they retain their absorption qualities over time.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Our years of expertise make a huge difference. Our teams have designed countless upholstered walls and panel solutions that maximized noise reduction to create far more welcoming homes, public spaces and businesses. We’ve helped people silence the sharpest echoes in long hallways, conquered background noise in machine-filled offices and built retail spaces that imbued visitors with an instant sense of zen-like harmony.

No matter how tricky or unique your sound management problems are, Shazcor installations rise to the challenge. Why not discover more about how our environmentally friendly, cost-effective technology works?

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