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Wendy and The Pebbles

Wendy Niamath, owner of Delicious Photography contacted me in early January for a wall mural project that she had been commissioned for. Wendy does amazing work photographing people, places and in this case… pebbles and flowers.

Wanting to use wallpaper as a medium to express her artistic side she provided me with three images of her work, that were to be installed in a new condo project in East Vancouver.

After a short consultation, we had her images optimized and we agreed on the best “crop”  for her work, next came choice of paper. With the natural sense of the images, Wendy selected the canvas material, this lent some texture to the pictures, reducing sheen, whilst still keeping the forms incredibly crisp.

We had a sample created of the what the final product would look like and after carrying out on site measurements, we were ready to roll. Less than two weeks later the wallpaper was ready for installation, Wendy was present on site to make sure everything looked perfect and the wallpaper was installed in less than six hours.

Wendy was over the moon with the end result and I was happy with another wonderful project.

You can see more of Wendy’s work at