Common Frequently Asked Questions

We are not a wallpaper retailer, but a wallpaper installation company. Wallpaper Store is the designation that Google gives us and it is the only designation that differentiates us as a wall covering installation company.

We only supply specified wallpaper, which means that we do not do consultations.
If you are working with a designer, they can send us a specification and we will supply it.
If your designer selected the wallpaper with the intention of supplying it, you MUST buy through them, it will not save you money coming to us.
I’d you are choosing your own wallpaper you must tell us the pattern number via email only in order for pricing.

You can either order samples through us via email only, alternatively we can send you to a retailer that we work with in your vicinity

The range of wallpaper pricing is huge, we have installed feature walls starting at $200-$300 to palatial dining rooms at $60,000

Please email a specification and drawing package or email for further instructions.

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