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Upholstered Walls

Whether you need soundproofing for a media room, wish to soften a child’s playroom walls, or simply want to add visual interest and texture to a space, upholstered walls are a luxurious yet durable option.

Walls are commonly finished in hard materials like metal, brick or sheetrock, but these aren’t your only options. You can also have them upholstered for a soft, padded finish that’s attractive, safe and quiet. Use a fabric covering to create extra soundproofing for your media room, or finish the walls in a child playroom in this soft material to prevent injuries.

Modern Installation options

In the past, covering any wall with fabric required the generous use of staple guns, cotton batting and decorative braiding to hide seams. The entire process was time-consuming and very tedious. In this era, covering the walls with upholstery is easier than ever thanks to new technology. In fact, you can take advantage of wall covering systems that can go around any shape, and you can even switch out the fabric when you’re ready.

The FabricMate Solution

This wall finishing solution is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Tackboards and acoustical panels are used to mount the fabric or stretch it across the surface. There are hundreds of different design options and fabrics available, so you can enjoy a personalized look that you’re sure to love.

Commercial and Residential Applications

Upholstered walls aren’t just for bedrooms and basements. They’re commonly used in commercial settings such as private offices, open workstations and conference rooms. They’re the perfect way to dress up a lobby or reception area, and you can use them in hallways to muffle sound and help keep things quiet. They look as beautiful as wallpaper with greater sound absorption and versatility.

Benefits of Upholstered Walls

There are several good reasons to go with these wall coverings rather than regular wallpaper or simple paint. The visual effects cannot be matched with paint because you’ll mix texture and color with a soft surface. You don’t have to worry about the finish ever cracking or denting because fabric is much more forgiving than hard surfaces. If a piece should become damaged, you can easily replace it with these modular systems. Fabric also absorbs more sound than hard surfaces, so it provides you with a quieter and more comfortable area.

Trust a Certified Installer

We’re Certified with FabricMate to install all of their upholstered walls/ acoustic wall panels. We offer an incredible range of colors and fabrics to suit every personal style and home décor. You can use these products to meet Noise Reduction Coefficient ratings.

Make your home or business more attractive and enjoy a quieter atmosphere with upholstered walls. This luxurious look is perfect for any sophisticated office or country cabin. You can personalize the fabric to suit your property and enjoy a beautiful, soft wall that makes your entire home feel more welcoming. We carry FabricMate systems, and our certified installers are looking forward to helping you. Call us today to discuss these products and schedule your initial consultation.

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