Benefits of Upholstered Walls

Upholstered walls are in fashion and they are preferred by many people over other wall coverings. Available in many shades, fabrics and textures, you can easily give your house a new look with upholstered walls. Whistler wallpaper installers offer customized services to match your tastes. Besides the element of style, there are scores of other benefits of wall upholstery. These are:


Wall upholstery is best suited to homes in cold countries or where winters tend to be bitter. Upholstered walls keep the house warm and having them in intense hues can give the house a cozy feel.


upholstered walls are great for home theaters, recording studios, or any place where improved acoustics and sound-proofing is required. Wall upholstery blocks outside noise and provide the quietness needed for better sound.


You can lend your signature style to a room with upholstered walls. Whistler has many companies specializing in residential wall upholstery and they can provide you with any texture and design to suit your tastes. You can also have different wall upholstery for different rooms.


Wall upholstery is more durable than wallpapers or other wall coverings at a much cheaper cost. The enhanced durability of upholstered walls can last generations without the need for replacement. They also provide better protection to the walls, preventing damage.


Wall upholstery can be installed over irregular surfaces, without the need to prepare walls or remove prior paint or coverings.

Natural process:

There is no chemical or toxins involved in wall upholstery, unlike paint or wallpaper application.

You can easily give depth to walls and hide imperfections with upholstered walls. Whistler residents can choose from thousands of designs to furnish their walls.