Revolutionize Your Living Space with Wallpaper Hanging In Vancouver

Looking for the best home improvement idea in Vancouver? You might have tried a few but the cost and time spent in spicing up your home might have discouraged you. However, wallpaper hanging in Vancouver is a great alternative to give your home an elegant touch at the most affordable price.  Wall paper revolutionizes your […]

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Choosing The Best Custom Wallpapers In Vancouver

By the 1950’s, homeowners around Vancouver were already ripping apart their claw foot tubs and Victorian details and turning to plastic and vinyl for home decoration. Over the past decades, there have been several changes in home designing trends but one that has stood the test of time are wallpapers and wall paneling. A customised […]

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Acoustic Panel Fabrics

Key Factors to Determine Good Acoustic Panel Fabrics

Acoustic Panel Fabrics and acoustic panels are an ideal option for sound absorption and noise control.  These panels are generally designed to trap sound energy and prevent acoustical energy from reflecting off of the surfaces they cover.   Installing these panels over the walls of your room reduces reverberation levels by eliminating echoes and reflections of […]

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