Selecting a Photo for Custom Wall Mural

Getting a custom wall mural for your home? Here are four tips that will help you select the right photo to decorate your walls with.

Photo Size

A photo taken on a cellphone or a low resolution camera is not suitable for custom wall murals. Whistler offers several wallpaper design and decoration companies that can help you select the correct photo size. The largest digital images are the best. While 12 megapixels or higher is usually enough, some cameras are capable of shooting photos as large as 16 to 18 megapixels, which is ideal for large wallpaper prints. Using a small image will result in a blurry effect which isn’t fit for a wallpaper.

Photo Quality

A sharp, clear image is the best choice for a wall mural. A large sized photo, shot in good lighting is ideal for wallpapers. If you are clicking the photo, make sure to adjust your camera’s settings to the largest size with the finest detail. Also ensure you have proper lighting. If you’re shooting it in the evening or night, use plenty of artificial lights. Take several photos and choose only the best for printing.

Photo Shape

Sometimes, you’d want to crop out part of an image and keep the rest. Before cropping, take the time to visualize how the picture will look on your wall. Help and advice are usually offered by companies dealing in custom wall murals. Whistler has several such, to make your job easier.


It is advisable to use only photos you own the copyrights to. It could either be your own image, an image you have the permission to us, or a public image that has a Creative Commons license.

Go ahead and deck up your walls with your own custom images!