Accentuating Your Style


Fabric Wall Cover Installed By Shazcor

When it comes to decorating, many people fear or lack commitment. And that’s not always a bad thing. In decor, a little can go a long

way, which means that you can use your trepidation about going “all in” with a concept and actually turn it into the snazziest blessing to ever hit your walls.

The accent wall can spice up an otherwise ho hum room without tripping your non-committal flight instinct. Have you ever loved a beautiful patterned wallpaper and are dying to use it in your home, but are scared that it could overpower everything else in the space? In many instances, four walls of a patterned or bright paper may cause a headache. For this reason, and many others, the wallpapered accent wall was born.


So how do you know what wall is the best choice for your accent wall? This can be tricky and the answer isn’t always intuitive. Some common selections are the fireplace wall, a bookcase wall, an attention-grabbing nook, and the wall that is at the head of your bed. The fireplace wall is a solid choice as, if another wall is selected in a room with a fireplace, it can end up competing with the fireplace wall, which is itself a natural focal point. At the head of the bed is often used to act as a sort of extended headboard, or to contrast dull bed linens. It frames the sleeping space and lends energy to the bedroom, which can often be an afterthought in the house. At the end of the dining room, adding a darker wall achieves a better sense of depth.Many of us don’t have the luxury of having a separate room for every task we perform in our home, so the accent wall is a clever way of creating separate areas within a single space. This can be used to form an area for exercise, home entertainment, study, whatever you need. Providing a sophisticated contrast, wallpapering one wall can lend just the right amount of pattern, colour, and texture to augment the room without overwhelming it.

While adding a boldly coloured accent wall can add drama and break up the traditional look of having four walls all the same colour, the general rule is that you always want to accentuate the positive. Choose a wall that you want to focus the attention with consideration. If your temptation is to use the wallpapered accent wall to cover up a flaw in design or an unattractive area…well, it may have the opposite effect. As the accent wall draws the eye, never try to contend with major architectural features, like a wall of windows. Also, don’t forget to maintain the colour cohesion in the room when considering the paper or fabric for your accent wall.

Like any other design choice, it can be easy to go wrong with the accent wall. Going with patterns that don’t fit the room, or colours that are too light or too dark are some no nos. It’s important to distinguish between that bold beautiful pattern that gently pulls focus and compliments the other aspects of the room, versus the ones that are simply downright distracting and yell, “Look at me, look at me!” Nobody wants a loud mouth wall. Let your guests be the entertainment.


All in all, making one wall stand out from the rest can be a powerful design choice. Accenting one wall with wallpaper installation is an excellent way to let out your playful side and to divide a room while staying on budget. Choosing one wall allows you to fulfill your bold wallpaper fantasies and dabble with texture, shape, and concept, without turning your room into an assault on the senses and on style itself.