Accessories of Elevated Style and Grace

Finding the perfect ambience for your home with versatility of style and décor can be a difficult job. Keeping your house updated with all the newest trends may not always be possible. Wall décor is the perfect solution to rejuvenating the inside of your house. The job gets done right the first time by Shazcor, […]

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Fine Décor and Elegance

Let Your Walls Speak – Fine Decor and Elegance

Giving your house a refined décor is a tough job. You may get confused by the vast variety of options available at your end, but choosing the right accessories does require a bit of forethought. In order to give your walls that special touch, calling Shazcor for wall coverings in Vancouver can be the ultimate […]

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About Wallpapers

Everything You Ought To Know About Wallpapers…!!!

Wallpaper is an alternative to the traditional house paint. It has the power to transform the interiors of one’s home into a lively environment depending on his/her tastes and pursuits. Here are some things which one should know about wallpapers. 1. Wallpapers are Easy to Install Unlike paint, you do not have to go through […]

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Fantastic Wallpaper Ideas for Children’s Bedroom

Planning to surprise your kid with a chic look for his or her bedroom? Wallpapers are the way to go! Picking up wallpapers for the children’s room does not necessarily have to be dominated by strict style mandates. It is the perfect chance to unleash your imagination, think outside-the-box and come up with something that […]

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Paint or Wallpaper is best for your Room

Deciding Whether Paint or Wallpaper is best for your Room

Choosing between a few shades of your favourite paint and a stunning design of printed wallpaper can be a tough choice to make for your drawing room. There is the question of price, durability and simplicity of application to ponder upon. These crucial considerations about the applications will assist you in making your decision. Troublesome […]

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Innovative Wallpaper Designs

Give your Restaurant a Fabulous Makeover with Innovative Wallpaper Designs

With more than a few eateries around every street corner; restaurants face some fierce competition necessitating a charming ambiance along with delectable food. While designing the inside of an eatery, opting for some innovative wallpapers instead of paint can work wonders. You can customize the style based on the theme and cuisine served at your […]

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