Always Use A Qualified Installer

Always use a qualified installer!

I selected this as the topic of my first blog posting for good reason. Last year, 30% of enquiries to Shazcor were for installations gone wrong. All of these were avoidable. In nearly all cases the installations were carried out by Painters who “had done some wallpaper years ago” or overconfident General Contractors who had a very broad knowledge of many building systems.


Once a wall covering has been installed incorrectly it cannot be repaired and has to be replaced. All imperfections are visible and only a Master who has spent years learning his trade knows how each of the various types of wallpaper can be installed perfectly.


As a case study, I have included some pictures of a downtown lawyers office that had huge problems with a wall covering installation. This was a textbook example of how someone who was clearly not skilled enough ended up ruining thousands of dollars worth of wall covering.

The wall covering was manufactured by a company called Phillip Jefferies, arguably one of the foremost wall covering companies in North America. This particular product was made by Japanese Craftsmen in a way that had been done so for centuries and needed to be installed by a qualified tradesman. The result was disaster,with the final bill exceeding $15,000 dollars worth of wasted material and labour costs.


Again, ALWAYS use a qualified installer!