Arrested at Style Intersection

This month we’d like to showcase a local business that we think is definitely doing it right. Since opening their doors in 2003, they have been steadily capturing the attention of the Canadian design media and the hearts of beauty lovers all over their British Columbian city.

Standing out as a leading Vancouver design firm, The Cross Design is appreciable as an elegant product of Vancouver itself. Bringing together elements both old and modern, natural and urban, The Cross Design team’s work displays not only passionate composition and decorating, but also augments their quality, hand-picked products as well.

It is reported that those who visit their retail space, The Cross Decor & Design, in the heart of Yaletown are rewarded with unique and stylish offerings, flow-conducive merchandising, and helpful customer service. This hot spot boasts over 5000 square feet of beautiful decor and inspires all who enter to retail therapy-induced bliss. Funky vintage finds, luxurious scented candles, jewelry, and bedding, choice furnishings, and fun, youthful ornaments, accessories, and art, all anoint the space and install shoppers with a home redecorating itch. At once complicated and yet, relaxing, this downtown shop is not to be missed by the interior decorating enthusiast.

As for their design studio, in-house designers Joanna Vagelatos and Erin Chow thrive working out of their clean, open, and inspiring space on the corner of Seymour and Davie. From this airy, soft white home base, Vagelatos and Chow manage a multitude of projects, and work through the process of beautifying residential and commercial spaces. Chic, polished results are the product of meticulous drafting, sourcing materials and furniture, proposal writing and presenting, and budgeting.

Transformations begin with a consultation with the client, where ideas are exchanged. They then evolve out of a collaboration, blending design experience and prowess with the needs and wants of the client. Vagelatos and Chow are known for making their clients comfortable and establishing a connection, which acts as a foundation for trust and understanding. Ensuring that they “get” the client and that the client “gets” them sets their process apart from other teams and allows them to streamline their projects. The client benefits not only by the great unknowns of design being neutralized, but by the incredible amount of time these designers save them.

Sourcing from a wide variety of vendors, The Cross is able to suggest a wide variety of sexy furnishings and accessories, from knobs to art to wallpaper. And what wallpaper! Their world-class products certainly caught the discerning eye of Shazcor’s own, Khuram Shazad. With wallcoverings ranging from floral to graphic to full on whimsical, there is something to spice up any room. Or to knock one out of the park via eye-catching accent wall. (And unlike many actual wallpaper companies out there, their online store offerings feature write ups and even photos of the paper in a space to help you to get to know the print better.) Even if they didn’t have their beautiful store and intuitive design team going for them, we’d still feel driven to give The Cross a nod thanks to their striking wallcoverings alone. What can we say? We like it when quality and beauty intersect.