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Deciding what color to use for the exterior of a home is a challenge for many people. Unless the home is being built from scratch, most homes already come with a color provided. However, occasionally the paint is a color that doesn’t match the preferences of the homeowner. Or, the paint may need to be restored or upgraded as a result of wear and tear. Choosing the right color to paint the exterior of your home is an important decision that will last for approximately ten years and cannot be redone as easily or cheaply as repainting a dining room or a bedroom. There are several important factors a homeowner must consider when choosing the right type of paint. The most important factor is the architecture and style of the home and the colors of other homes in the neighborhood. Before deciding the color paint you desire, consider contacting an exterior painting company Vancouver swears by.

Shazcor exterior-paintingThe easiest way to find an appropriate exterior paint color is to observe which colors are already present in the masonry, roof and other features. For example, if a home has slate tile and stone walls, the homeowner should consider soft, muted tones. Gray, brown, green, taupe and mushroom are several examples of suitable paint choices.

The Craftsman style home reached the peak of popularity in the early 1900s. Homes in this class typically have a low-pitched roof and square, tapered pillars that enclose a porch and a recessed entry way. Natural stone and handcrafted wood tend to feature in both the interior and the exterior design. The best exterior color for homes in the Craftsman class are gray, brown, green, taupe or mushroom.

Homes designed in the Spanish style of architecture are common in the southwestern region of the United States. These homes are known for stucco exteriors, arched passageways and windows and tiled roofs. Pale shades of cream, with undertones of colors such as gray, olive or yellow, enhances the street appeal of these homes.

Tudor homes are known for recessed entryways, stone or brick chimneys or accents and a high-pitched roof. The trims of Tudor homes are typically medium to dark brown or gray, but any earth tone will enhance this style.

Colonial homes are often a clean white color, with shutters of a contrasting color such as blue, gray or green. Black creates a more sophisticated appearance. Painting the exterior of the home white or another neutral color goes well with any home style.

It is a good idea to hire a company to do your painting for you. Not only are you less likely to encounter problems, you will also have confidence that the job will be done right. Contact our company today to schedule an appointment.