Top 5 Businesses That Could Benefit from Professional Wallpaper Installation

While any business or establishment can always use more beauty, glamour, and style, here are the top five businesses that we think could particularly benefit from the expert handiwork of a qualified wallpaper installer, to the benefit of their brand, energy, and professional allure.


Presenting your customers with an appealing boutique is not always as simple as having a great set of products on the shelves. In addition to solid, marketable goods, you want to develop a space that is naturally engaging and inviting to visiting shoppers. Heavily relying on your products to overcome the starkness of your walls may be a flawed theory. And such a risky venture could easily result in fewer customers staying in your store long enough to purchase your goods due to the subconscious heebeegeebees they get from your asylum-bare shop.

Branding the interior of your shop and making it your own can very possibly be the element that brings your business to the next level. Creating a welcoming environment says a lot about your store and helps customers to develop their impression of your company and product, even if they don’t realize it’s happening.
Matching a patterned paper or mural with your star product is an eye-catching way to highlight your best and draw people in. The accent wall is also an inexpensive choice when it comes to decorating or re-branding.


Keeping a building looking up-to-date can really affect the property’s long-term value. When prospective buyers visit a building, they generally aren’t shopping for a time capsule. They’re looking for a place that reflects the modern energy they want in their lives back at them. (And they want to be able to see themselves living there in the future, not the past.) Updating with beautiful, modern professionally installed wallcoverings can be an inexpensive way to attract and hold onto the money of more residents overall. Meanwhile, current residents will be impressed and pleased by a building that keeps things looking fresh and kept up. Having wallpaper professionally installed in your building’s common spaces is a stress-free way to satisfy both prospective and existing tenants or owners.


Despite having hundreds of people traipse through them, hotels are meant to be like readily-supplied living rooms, inspiring a home-away-from-home hominess at all times. As any home owner who has ever thrown a party and had to tidy up afterwards will tell you, the more people you have through a space, the more likely that space is to get damaged. Most hotel walls experience injury at one point or another, be it scratches or gashes or worse. Interior designer-approved wallpaper is ideal for covering damage, while maintaining or enhancing your establishment’s comforting and chic atmosphere. Not only will a professional installation cover up defects, it is durable, and not as susceptible to harm from everyday activities as paint.


While you want the food to be the main focus of your establishment, you also want it to be somewhere that people want to be seen eating, or tell all their friends they were eating. So, if they tell the tale of their dining experience, you want it to include the phrases, “It was so beautiful,” and, “Oh my god, it was so delicious,” or some variant of the sort. Jazzing up the walls and providing points of visual interest, such as an accent wall with a unique and eye-catching pattern, is a sure-fire and inexpensive way to class up your restaurant or bar. It’s also a lot less time-consuming and messy than a full overhaul of your joint. You’re trying to devote your attention to developing a world-class sauce. You don’t have time to fuss over colour theory and wet paint signs. A professional installer will ensure a flawless job that conserves time and doesn’t divert your attention from your sauce mastery.

Office Buildings

Keeping an office energized can often be a tricky task. Not everyone responds well to the rah-rah cries of the company cheerleader. (Every office has one – the person who’s impossibly perky in the morning and plans all your events with a vivacious zest prepared to rival most citrus.) A subtler and more widely appealing avenue used to uphold employee vigour can be decor. Bold patterns with bright colours tend to keep employees more active, awake, and happy.

Many of us seem strangely sideswiped by the concept that business environments don’t have to be boring, that there is a choice. What’s more is that decorating your space with conscientiousness can be very effective branding. And, frankly, there are much worse things a business could be known for than their stimulating working environments. Professionally installed wallpaper creates a strong positive impression.

Not every office space has the benefit of a row of windows. A less explored route for combating office doldrums involves a custom wallpaper mural, which allows you to create your own view, perhaps with an oversized high-quality image of the vista you wish you had. It’s time to acknowledge that your office’s view being restricted by its actual location is a thing of the past.