Vinyl Wallcovering for Hotels

Vinyl Wallcovering for Hotels

Selecting a vinyl wallcovering for hotels can be an enjoyable task. Wallcoverings are decorative applications that are made to beautify interior walls; moreover, these coverings have changed since the first versions were hand-printed on paper. If you’re shopping for wallcoverings, here are some tips:


These selections have the potential to absorb sound and reduce noise. They are used for:

  • meeting rooms
  • offices
  • theaters
  • auditoriums
  • corridors
  • elevators
  • lobbies

Medium-duty vinyl versions work in high traffic areas that are used by the public. Fabric-backed or paper-backed vinyl allows the consumer a varied choice.


Proper care extends the life of vinyl wallcoverings. Because they are durable and water resistant, dirt is blocked from penetrating the surface. Stains can be removed promptly to prevent discolorations. Use a soft bristle brush moistened with mild soap and water to easily wipe away dirt spots.

For textured varieties, use a nylon net scrubber. Rinse and blot dry with lint-free towels.

Earth-Friendly With Water-Based Printing

Remember when Christmas trees were adorned with silvery icicles that had a lead content. Well, they have changed; moreover, wallcoverings have changed through the years too. Consumers want sustainability for a greener home, and solvent-based inks and heavy metals are no longer popular for the home or business.

Safe water-based inks and adhesives with a low VOC rating are the trend. Wall coverings are evaluated for the consumer or builder in different ways:

  • raw material
  • product design
  • product manufacturing
  • long-term value
  • corporate innovation

Wallcoverings designed for humid environments and moisture challenges are designed with breathable micro-venting; ultimately, they have added mold and mildew protection.

Performance Characteristics

Vinyl wallcoverings are constructed to pass federal performance guidelines; moreover, they are inspected for:

  • flammability
  • tear strength
  • abrasion resistance
  • washability
  • stain resistance

Your selection may even be recyclable.

Now that you know more about wallcoverings, you can choose the perfect design for your building. You deserve beauty and versatility.