Where To Buy Wallpaper?

When people contact me through this website, the most common question is “where can I buy wallpaper?” As an installer, there are definitely worse people that you could have called.

This should be a straightforward answer, but as wallpaper stores are not exactly abundant in Vancouver, coupled with Canada not being a wallpaper producing nation, the response can vary, depending on what you are looking for.

I normally start off asking people if they know exactly what they want, yes, and it’s easy and I point them in the right direction.

No, and it is a little more work. I always think that the four factors to consider are

  1. Wallpaper Colour
  2. Wallpaper Texture
  3. Wallpaper Design
  4. What kind of space it is

The choice of wallpapers is overwhelming, and many people don’t always know what they want until they see it. Starting with the four steps can help you narrow down your choices, because people always know what they don’t like.

Wallpaper, like most things are budget dependent and you do get what you pay for. Always try to go for the best that your budget will allow.

Feel free to contact me and I’m sure I can help you with your wallpaper needs.