Accessories of Elevated Style and Grace

Finding the perfect ambience for your home with versatility of style and décor can be a difficult job. Keeping your house updated with all the newest trends may not always be possible. Wall décor is the perfect solution to rejuvenating the inside of your house. The job gets done right the first time by Shazcor, […]

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Home Office with Upholstered Walls

Soundproof your Home Office with Upholstered Walls & the Use of Acoustic Panels

A lot of folks bring their work home with them and if you are one of them, sound proofing your home office is an excellent option. The availability of acoustic paneling has made this possible and incorporating a style of upholstered walls in your living space helps amplify its beauty. The Need for Soundproofing It […]

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Wall Coverings

Different Types of Wall Coverings That is Available in the Market Today

Have you recently walked into a school, restaurant, corporate office or luxury hotel and noticed something unusually attractive about their walls? Wall coverings in Vancouver are making a great impression in the industry with their attractive designs, stylish looks and simplistic applications. The best part about these wall coverings is the wide variety and form […]

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